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Exercise  every  cell  in  the  table below.  Take your time practicing those shortcuts.  Some are going to be included in a test.
You can open a menu  by holding  the  Alt key  and  typing  the  first letter of the menu title.  For example, pressing Alt + E opens the Edit menu. You can also press either Alt or F10 to activate the menu bar, then use the right and left arrow keys to highlight a menu name, and press Enter to open the highlighted menu.
WINDOW + M - Have you ever wanted to get to your Desktop screen fast, but found yourself closing applications with your mouse? Try this shortcut, which instantly minimizes all open windows and returns you to the desktop in one quick jump. (The WINDOW key is the one between CTRL and ALT.)
WINDOW + E - This lauches an instance of Windows Explorer, a very handy program for file management. Use this shortcut intead of running through the Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer route.
SHIFT + CTRL + ARROWS - This shortcut is very handy for selecting text in HTML or text editors. Rather than highlighting with a mouse, this will quickly grab text one word at a time from the cursor position.
Cut:  Ctrl > X Copy: Ctrl > C Paste:  Ctrl > V
Undo:  Ctrl > Z Select All: Ctrl > A  

an_compu..gif (7348 bytes)

F10 - goes to menu mode  
Alt - activates menu Enter - opens Esc - Cancels
Ctrl > Tab or Ctrl > Shift > Tab (in Properties) - Switches between properties tabs
an_compu..gif (7348 bytes)
Alt > Space Bar - open application central box
Alt > Enter - switch from icons to editing mode
Alt > Tab - to switch between running programs
Alt > Enter - properties Ctrl > F4 - to close window
Alt > double-click - properties Ctrl > Esc - display start menu
Alt > F4 - to exit program Ctrl > End go to end of a document
Shift > F10 - context menu for selected item

an_compu..gif (7348 bytes)

F1 - Help F3 - Find
Ctrl > Shift + drag a file to the desktop or a folder to create a shortcut
CLOSING POPUPS AND AD BANNERS. Next time you're annoyed with a popup message or ad banner, try Ctrl+W to close it. This works with some browsers, some popups, and some ads, but not all. Still, it's worth a try.
INTERNET EXPLORER SHORTCUTS. Here's a few keyboard shortcuts you might find handy in Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.0 and 5.5.  In combination with the CTRL key, O (alpha, not numeric) opens the Address box so you can enter a URL; I opens the Favorites list, H the History list, E the Search menu, F the Find box, and N a new browser window.
Compaq is considering changing the command "Press Any Key" to "Press Return Key" because of the flood of calls asking where the "Any" key is.


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