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Sudan is the biggest african country and is situated in Northern Africa. It is  bordered by Eritred and Ethiopia in the east Kenya, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo in the south, central African Republic in the south-west and Chad in the west. Libya just touches its north-western tip, While Egypt cover the northern border and the Red sea flows along north eastern shores. The biggest part of the country consists of the flat lying Libyan and Nubian Desert, Which Stretches down towards the capital of Khartoum, where the Blue and White Nile rivers meet.
As one continues down south the country side gives way to the central steppes consisting of short grass and shrubby bushes before one enters a marsh lands and equatorial forests and high mountains in the far south of the country.

Area size : 2 505 810 km q (978 800 square miles)
Population :336 million (1998 estimate)
People per km q : 13.4
Population Growth Rate: 2.73 % ( 1998 estimate)
Capital : Khartoum
Currency : Sudannese pounds  equal to the new Sudanese Dinar).
Uamemplayment Rate : 30 %
Head of the state: president Lt General Umar Hasan Ahmed Al-Bashir
Official Language: Arabic
Other languages: English, Nubian, tA bedawie and Nilo-Hamitic
Time: GMT+2
Telephone Country Code: +249
Electricity: 240V
   Climate: The country has varied climat due to the different topographies in the south is tropical, while hot in the northern arid deserts. The rain can occur between April and October
( the north receives very little of this),while it gets unbearaby hot from May t June accompanied with heavy dust-storm. The wind (called haboos).Continues until September.
The best time to visit is during the cooler November to March months.
Night time can br very cold in the desert, during winter months.